How to Clean Wine Stains from a Carpet

One of the main enemies of carpets is wine. If you usually drink it regularly and you have carpets at home, it is important to be very careful, because these stains are terrible and very complicated to remove.

Of course, nothing is impossible! In the following guide we tell you step by step how to clean wine stains from a carpet:

Cleaning red wine stains from a carpet

how to remove wine stain on carpet

Red wine is one of the great fears because of the stains it leaves. Not only on carpets, but also on clothing and all kinds of fibers. That is why you must act as soon as possible when wine comes into contact with the carpet.

What is needed to remove these stains?

If you drop red wine on the carpet, you will need the following at home to be able to act immediately: kitchen paper, sparkling water, a sponge, a foam for cleaning carpets and a vacuum cleaner.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Use kitchen paper over the stain to absorb the red wine – touch it from the outside to the inside, to prevent it from spreading.
  • Pour in some sparkling water (if you don’t have any, you can serve hydrogen peroxide) – you’ll see that it bubbles out.
  • Use a sponge (without rubbing) to remove the liquid/bubbles.
  • Pour the carpet foam over the stain (shake the bottle before proceeding) – use the sponge carefully to spread it out well.
  • Wait for it to dry – open the windows and air it out so it dries faster. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer, but don’t put it too close.
  • Vacuum it up.

Are the red wine stains still on the carpet? It’s very difficult for a stain to remain after the whole process. However, if you have missed a spot or have a more stubborn stain, it is best to repeat the whole process step by step, but from point 4, adding more cleaning foam.

Other products that work to clean wine stains

In case you don’t have sparkling or oxygenated water at home, don’t worry because there are alternative solutions you can easily create with ingredients, we all have:

Vinegar and dishwashing liquid: If you have some vinegar and dishwashing liquid around the house, you can make this mix. Take 15 grams of each and 2 cups of hot water. Mix everything together and apply it to the stain. To finish, wipe with a cotton cloth and cold water.

Baking soda: Another great ally to remove difficult stains is baking soda. If you have some at home, you can try this trick. After drying the stain and pouring in some cold water, make a paste by mixing one-part baking soda with three parts water. Let it dry and then vacuum.

Do not use salt under any circumstances

Although some people say you can remove wine stains from carpets using salt, the truth is that this is a risky method, since the stain could become more fixed and remain there forever, in addition to the possibility of damaging the carpet fibers. Don’t use it, use other methods like all the ones we have mentioned.

How to remove rosé wine stains from the carpet

You might also get a little bit of rosé wine on the carpet. In that case, the steps to follow are similar to those for red wine. The first thing is to try to dry the stain as much as possible, with kitchen paper or napkins.

Then, you can create a mixture with sparkling water and after applying it, opt for a cleansing foam. You will almost certainly get very good results. You can also use hydrogen peroxide or bicarbonate.

What if the stain is white wine?

You’ll be surprised to learn that a combination of bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide and white wine helps remove red wine stains from the carpet. So, if you drop some white wine, you can rest assured that the carpet will not be stained. This does not mean that there is no bad smell left. In that case, we recommend this article on how to remove bad smells from carpets.

If you want to know more, visit this other article on how to remove a stain from the carpet, with all the tips you should follow to do it successfully.

If after these tips you still have not been able to remove the wine stain from your carpet, give us a call and we will help you remove it. Ask for a FREE estimate. We service all Miami and Broward county.

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